Tuesday, 1 February 2011


so after the rough flip book style animatic i went back in more detail and tweeked bits and bobs as i went along i prefer this story but feel it is too long and the pace in some areas is a little off

Monday, 20 December 2010


the story is that the kid ventures outside to photograph the penguin and in doing so is attacked by a giant eel.
the kid drops his camera and the penguin swims after it.
the penguin is then attacked by the eel due to the flash of the camera and then the kid decides to attack.
the kid is interrupted by a baby eel and the realisation hits that the eel is not evil but she is just protecting her baby.
the panic and violence ceases and the penguin and kid swim off happy.

this was a very rough cut and crop job from my scanned board after i produced it i realised the timing was off and the film itself was very rushed. it is also hard for the audience to establish the story.

the need for an animatic

with the presentation looming in the next couple of weeks an animatic is needed.
also i am finding myself going round in circles by drawing out simple boards it would help me to see the narrative flow by producing a rough animatic.

troubled times!!

losing sleep now not great#!

so the story changes every time i think about it. my girlfriend has advised me to take a step back from the development and look at some original disney cartoons. hopefully a different approach will help to inspire the story.

so i looked at ferdinand the bull and the reluctant dragon.

i really enjoyed these cartoons, the thing that struck me the most was the contradiction in the characters personality with its physicality. this seems to be a good place to start, back to the drawing board.


new storyboard some minor changes to the previous one, the story is quite a bit more fleshed out.

new themes

so after consolidating my thoughts i have a new path to think of and thats themes.

so my current themes are that of anti poaching, miss-information of the mass media, father son relationships and coming of age.

there are a lot there especially for a short film but at least they are there to be cut down.


so my head is a mess at the moment i have tooooooooo much going on and cant think straight story wise.
i have the opinions of my group and the tutors, not to mention family. each opinion raises another hole in the script/narrative and the visuals.

it is apparent that the current story needs a lot of work so to do this i have sat down and scribbled away in my bible.


so lars is the kids hero, he is a sea beast hunter. it is undecided whether or not he could be the kids father. the kid idolises this character and as such would do anything to meet or help this guy.

this guy is used to create the situation of the need of proof for the eel so he knows where to hunt him down.

i intend to use posters and photographs of this guy posing with all the beasts he has killed. such as the intro to kung fu panda where the pandas room is a shrine to the furious five.

at the end there will be a flash back that contrasts the original posters and photos and the kid realises that what his hero does is wrong and cruel and he should not help in any way.

comments on post it 2

i like it and it flows but is very bare and lacks pace. the character development is cool although i feel that the kids relationships with other characters such as the penguin and the eel are too weak.

Post it 2

new narative involving the kid photographing the penguin and getting involved with the Eel

in this story the kid comes to terms with life and its dangers and decides that if he collects the reward for his photographs of the eel he will condemn it to death. the kid has a change of heart when he discovers the eel is not really an evil and brutal character and it to has a heart.

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