Tuesday, 1 February 2011

first week back

so first week back and i approach the team to make sure they know whats going on and a little check on peoples progress.

the story has now been, in my opinion nailed and i do not wish to waste more time going over the same aspects.

the kraken- fahren has point blank refused to work on this character due to his phobia of octopi and all things akin, so after lengthy discussions i decided to pass the kid over to him to model whilst i try and tame the kraken. im not too happy over this situation as my abilities as a modeller are not that great so to try and take on the kraken is gunna be a huge challenge. but on the plus side at least the kid is in safe hands with fahran.

everything else is slotting together nicely.

i had begun work on modelling the kid and this is the progress I had made when i handed it over to fahran i gave him the choice of using what i had already produced or starting from scratch.

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