Tuesday, 1 February 2011

new board

the new proposed storyboard.
i took my work into college to show to tutors and group members to get a vibe from them of the new direction.
it all went well it seemed to go down very well indeed, apart from some group members being unhappy over the decision to cut the penguin but to me the relationship between the boy and the eel is more important so the penguin was dropped. Carlos was worried over the scope of the new film and how much work was involved but to me if its gunna be done right then it will always be a lot of work.

so here is the new story board the script is soon to follow.

new beginnings

after a very long day of wrestling with my own thoughts i managed to spew my ideas on to A1 paper and sort them into some form of order.

after doing this i realised that the film was no longer my film it was an amalgamation of advice and ideas from various sources, where i was trying to please everyone's wishes for the film i ended up taking it completely away from where it should have been. i realise now how hard it is to take advice from people without letting it get in the way of the film.

i have come to a conclusion by going back to my original ideas and coming up with a simple yet effective narrative. in effect i am re-telling the story of samson and the lion, re-iterated everywhere eg 10000 bc sabre tooth bit.

i feel that this story will be tough but definitely achievable. but at the end of the day its mine and i wish to make it.


so im once again in a worried mess over this film but there is light as my girlfriend advised me to get everything out of my head and on to paper. this "clearing of the mind" will hopefully allow me to see things exactly how i want them to be but all laid out in front of me together, not in hidden files on a computer screen.

so here's hoping to success....

in a mess again

so where does this leave me now, knowing that my narrative doesnt work i have had a quiet day watching random films on tv.

i decided to sit down and skim the story down to 5 points
beginning, encounter, middle, encounter, end/resolution

this is what i came up with.

i feel this is the beginning of bigger developments but im finding it hard to deviate from what i already have.

presentation after thoughts

ok so the presentation itself was great ben has did a great job putting it all together for me.

the presentation was nicely arranged but concise and gave an opportunity for all group members to have their say.

reaction to the animatic was not what i wanted. for a start there was no sound in the animatic as i literally finished it the night before, so i narrated everything.
there was absolutely no reaction from the audience at all which tells me as a director that there is a lot wrong with the film. i take on board the criticisms of mike and dave, mainly being that the plot was confusing with too much in the light of back story, i.e. the kids father being dead did not work and didnt actually add to the narrative so that will be reconsidered.

i was dissappointed that the animatic did not work but at the same time i am glad that i kow where to improve.


i am proud of the changes i have made in this animatic but im still uncertain of the narrative and flow. this is the animatic i will be showing at the presentation.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

proposed alterations to the current animatic

here are my personal proposed changes to my animatic. after thinking more in-depth about certain aspects i was able to condense the beginning whilst also achieving a solid recognisable ending.

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