Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Deep Trailer

so i made it and just in time, i couldnt be happier with the look of the trailer and looking forward to making the rest of the film.

2 weeks for trailer start to finish.

The Deep Trailer from andrew on Vimeo.


i am so happy with the renders that i have produced. both exterior and interior were rendered with an occlusion, full light and ambient layer then composited in photoshop to produce the images.
im particularly pleased with the lighting and the appearance of the submarine in the exterior shot as i believe it looks like it is underwater.


here are the current concepts i have produced the underwater sub is more of a target render for my trailer but also includes the net and glow lamps used for attracting fish. the character is current but im still not happy about the helmet too contemporary.

sub model

here are the finished interior and exterior models (2 seperate files) took around a week to complete both with textures as well.

i am extremely pleased with bot models, especially with the tight time frame as pitches are coming close, if i had longer i would refine some of the interior models as they are very basic and very low poly.

i have managed to get away with absolutely no bump mapping in this as i feel i dont have the time and that it might not make a huge difference.

More concepts

the sub interior was done very roughly so i had a colour palette and rough idea of space and furnishing. the penguin is still in early stages but im stuck with a cute round headed design which i want to push away from.
as for the underwater one i found it was very easy to represent an underwater environment without having to clutter the scene. a simple blue to black gradient will do as i am seeking space and lots of it, vacant dark empty space

Deep trailer boards

the storyboards here very rough and scribbled over whilst making i think it looks quite cool though and adds character to the boards themselves. as far as accuracy there were only a couple of things i changed and they were to do with render times.

The Deep trailer

i have decided that i shall do a trailer for my pitch, this will greatly help my story as i will be able to represent filmic style, rendering, mood, lighting, soundfx, and possible music.

The Deep Story boards

The Deep submarine

design stages for the submarine, now that the film is underwater i need to have a memorable and iconic landmark that fits in with the environment but isn't too blatant.
i have designed it to fit in with the older classical wooden and bulbous subs but also included fish in the design process not only does this make it more believable, waterwise, but also adds a stylistic choice.

The Deep character sheet

progressed designs for the Kid, no name as yet or perhaps his name should be "the kid". he is an ambiguous character as far as age, hes a fisherman who wishes to be a space explorer. his parents live on the mainland and he fishes for a week at a time. he fishes to feed his family and make some money through sales. he is adventurous but cautious and scared of death.

i like the design so far as it is simple but very appealing, the only puzzle i have left is his helmet for diving as i dont want to obscure his face.

Fishy (now The Deep)

opening creds/ title
- interior shots of the submarine (4/6)
- no character shots all objects and photos - characters backstory
- titles end with a flashing light - full load - and the door closing
- long shot to show the entire sub and the boy swimming to the net.
(fishbones can be seen floating down into the deep)
- kid gathers the net and the notices the fishbones
- investigates by parting fish in the net.
- discovers a baby penguin eating his catch
*cut to floating fishbone looking back toward the silhouette of the sub*
- kid gestures to the penguin to vacate the net, pingu stays put.
- kid jams his arm in to the net to grab the penguin but cannot reach him.
*cut back to the fishbone falling into a dark cave, bubbles appear with a creeping sound*
- kid is looking inside to see the penguin poking his tongue out at boy.
- kid is at a loss and pulls back from the net- a dark shadow is appearing in the distance / from the deep

- kid retreats in fear to the front of the sub back to the airlock
- penguin believes he has won so continues his dinner/smugly
- kid panics and tries to open hatch
- eel grabs enormous fish ball in his mouth and begins to swim
- penguin shaken clears some fish to see what the matter is. he is now staring down the throat of the eel
- kid now feeling sorry for the penguin grabs his harpoon gun from the side of the sub
- shoots at the rope attached to the sub and the net opens, freeing penguin and wrapping the net around the head of the eel.
- eel collides with a rock wall and gets stuck in a hole - tail flailing wildly

- kid turns to the penguin who is now hiding behind him, shaking and scared(kid angry face)
- penguin looks up all puppy eyed and grabs a close by fish then beams wildly and offers the fish to the kid

closing creds
- interior of the two eating cooked fish
- dark shape swims past porthole.

mood board of the gods

so this mood board/ reference sheet is a collage of all the useful reference that i have collected so far it spans across all of my stories and has amalgamated into a very stylistic yet grounded theme.
so my main influence is monkey island mixed with zelda windwaker with designs coming from very early underwater exploration with bizarre curiosities that lurk in the deep.

meeting 2

so the clan met again minus clym and fahran as they have now decided to go solo.

we met at the O2 to scout the new college and also to discuss the ideas again.

so this time chris had a finished idea to present along with his script which i am very impressed with, it has a very mature feel and is quite an accomplishment.

toms ideas were still progressing but he was undecided over which ones to pick.

after progressing the fishy idea/story it went down a storm and we decided that this should be my area to focus on, although it was apparent that doing the story above and below water was too much and that creating believable animated water on the surface would be too difficult. we came to a conclusion that my film would work best underwater as it would be easier to represent and would shorten my ever growing story line -- possibly cutting the 4-5 min film to 3

this was great for me as i now imagine a submarine instead of a boat and a cool diving suit :D

i spoke to alex about his idea aswell which was still in its infancy but sounds equally promising.


here are 2 refined concept for my film the 1st is to show the scale and design of the conga eel compared to the character but also to show mood and lighting. the 2nd is to show the above water world and the design of the boat. i am extremely pleased with both pieces especially the underwater piece as it captures the mood exactly.

monkey island character sheets

managed to find some character sheets for monkey island, very very cool and distinctive style that i will hope to take influence from with my film

fishy reference

style wise legend of zelda the windwaker has a really cool cellshaded appearance both in its 2d and 3d representations

fishy reference

some more ref looking at a weird old ass thing, the astronauts are their for costume design for the character and i love the old bronze/copper diving suits so they will hugely influence my film.

fishy reference

some quick reference with the carmolange diving suit some crazy fishing style a conga and a weird fish which i couldnt find a name for but looks great.
the nuclear subs look mean as well almost like they have their own personality engraved into them.

fishy sketches

some sketches showing early character visualization and also looking into the boat

fishy character sheet - quick

a very quick beginning to the digital side of this project getting some shapes out there, i prefer the more cartoony approach opposed to the very humanoid one so i believe this will set the tone for the rest of this film

fishy story

continued from previous

- kid is annoyed at the penguin for stealing his fish so he dives in and gives chase.(wearing a glass bowl thing as a helmet)
- chase through very very dimly lit caves (ice)
- each shot sees the penguin vanish at the edge of the screen and kid follows. long and medium shots.
-come to a lit bit of tunnel the kid hides behind a rock to see the penguin make an offering to a giant angler fish or conga eel/ basilisk
- penguin offers the fish basket and as he does so the eel lurches forward eating the basket whole.

- kid leans in closer and knocks a loose rock
- both penguin and eel look towards his position squeaks/squeals(subs *run*) eel sharpens his gaze and ruffles his scales.
- kid is frozen so penguin swims over and grabs him just in time for the eel to miss a close lunge

- penguin and kid swim back through the caves lit only by the boys lamp
- followed by the eel emitting bio luminescence along its flanks - star wars ep 1 ref.
- swimming towards the cave mouth near misses from the eel
- cave entrance -- need to seal the cave but how?

1. penguin swims in front faster followed by the kid and they push a boulder to cause rocks to fall trapping the eel
3. eel escapes and breeches epic style out of the ocean.

sky sketch


meeting 1

met up with the clan: alex c, chris c, ben, kofi, fahran, clym and tom
at some park in london. i think it was hyde park

we discussed our current ideas and what ones we thought would be best for the individuals to focus on. we also tried to give suggestions to all the ideas presented.

tom had produced 2 notably good ideas one about an egg hatching up in a tree and another about a pram rolling down the hills of san francisco with a guy in pursuit. both are strong animation pieces but need development in the story telling.

ben has the beginnings of a ninja academy which also sounds promising.

fahran is gunna do something with sock puppets?

my ideas seemed to go down well with the sky story coming out on top at the moment although personally i see the story being too long and possibly too disjointed, but we shall see.


- penguin goes fishing with the kid?
- fisherman/ kid struggles to pull in a big fish
- after tug of war with rod he pulls up a tiny weeny fish with a penguin attached to the other end
- the penguin loses, still in the water and scowls whilst the fisherman tosses the tiny fish into his basket
- penguin swims to the other side of the raft spies the basket and returns with a hook made of coral and sea weed
- fisherman turns to put a fish in his basket just to see it pop into the ocean *plop*
-kid eats an extra long lasting breath mint and dives in after him.

sky sketches

some more character sketches most of the facial designs are heavily influenced by monkey island.
some body shapes and also a mock environ showing the rather warped perspective