Saturday, 13 November 2010

Bios and backgrounds

The World – Terra Aqua

steampunk style
open grassland with sprawling fields and deep cliffs
technology is based on steam, coal, wind, water and very early electricity
reference to the film “Water world”
the world is broken into small archipelago's of islands clustered together (Greek and Caribbean islands)
majority of transport is sea and air
thus connecting trade routes between islands
a world of wood and metal
its an easy world the ruler ship is fair and the populous is virtuous
there are a few rogue pirate islands but they keep themselves to themselves
as the world is heavily water dominated it breeds large fish

The Kid's Island – Agri

a farming island with steep cliffs on one side and a long shelf of sand on the other
the boy chooses to fish as it is different to his island
a large windmill dominates the hilltop
the village is located near the beach with farms stretching the length and width of the island
families rarely move islands and as such the islands consist of tightly nit communities

The Kid – the hero

12 year old
name, no name (kid)
an underwater fisherman
wishes to be up in the stars adventuring the unknown
he fishes to feed his parents on the mainland
he fishes for a week at a time
the submarine means survival!
has a sweetheart waiting for him on the mainland
he is cautious but adventurous
kind hearted
motivation= fish, provide, eat, survive, love
hates= wasting time, the thought of dying, not catching fish

The Deep – a wide gorge situated in Agris' neighbouring waters.

a deep and wide gorge
plentiful supply of fish
secluded fishing spot relatively unknown
no previous knowledge of dangerous fish
but its the ocean so how can one tell

Conger Eel

animalistic, primitive
travels long distances feeding in bulk
there are myths of a large fish that preys on fisherman and their haul, but sightings are brief and nothing is definitive
this myth has been documented in Terra Aqua's lore and is deemed no more than a fisherman's tale
the kid has heard of the tale but disbelieves it
although he appears deadly he eats fish not people/mammals
He gets hounded from island to island by fishermen as he steals their catch

Penguin – Ed

way out of habitat, he drifted down on an iceberg, separated from family and species he is making his way home
he enjoys the warmer climate and decides to stick around
main drive is food
very inquisitive and young/innocent
unable to plan or think ahead he lives for the moment
thus he finds himself in a horde of fish, in a fisherman's net, but he is happy as he has plenty of food
secretly lonely
scared of being hungry and of course dying

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