Wednesday, 24 November 2010

very rough story outline

1.pov of the kid pinning up a newspaper cutting depicting a smoky picture of the eel and text stating that famous Sea Hunter “Lars Ulriksen” cannot find it and is rewarding people for documented sightings.
2.Pov still the kid pins the newspaper page up on a wall that is covered in pictures and posters of his hero, Lars, with various sea beasts that he has caught.
3.We take a moment to absorb the array of imagery only to be interrupted by a harsh intermittent beep.
4.The kid rushes upstairs to investigate the situation.
5.The kid looks at his sonar to see a solitary dot on the screen he quickly jumps to his periscope and spins on the spot trying to see whats outside.
6.Exterior shot of the ocean, wide angle showing an iceberg dominating the right side of the frame the sub is travelling from left to right.
7.Cut back to the disappointed kid who turns away from the periscope and leans on the desk as he does so a penguin appears at the porthole.
8.The kid smiles then grabs his camera to head outside.
9.Audience gets a close up of the sonar, slow push towards it, it shows the penguin and also a much larger dot?
10.Fade to black with titles
11.the kid is now outside and is swimming down to the penguin.
12.The penguin looks rather jittery but the kid just smiles and raises his camera
13.wide shot kid left penguin right the camera flashes, as this happens a giant eel bursts through the pair and through the shot. On the z axis.
14.Low angle shot looking back up at the characters and the sub, the shot shows the characters reeling from the encounter and the tail of the eel disappearing from frame whilst the camera floats down out of frame.
15.Pov of the penguin noticing the camera falling into the deep
16.close up of penguin determined bolts out of the shot after the camera.
17.Looking down at the penguin as he disappears into the black deep
18.the kid gathers his senses and he is now totally alone, spins on the spot scared
19.interior,helmet, close up of the kid breath on the inside of his helmet scared and jittery looking left and right
20.close up portrait of the kid the glow of the eel can be seen behind him.
21.Sudden flash from below the characters the kid looks down and the glowing shape stops and sharpens its body, attacking pose.
22.Cut to the penguin swimming underneath the camera nudging it skywards with its beak.
23.The eel bolts straight at the penguin
24.penguin sees this then gets scared and swims backwards as he does so he kicks the shutter button causing multiple flashes.
25.As a result the eel is stunned by the flashes and ceases the attack trying to regain its vision.
26.The penguin swims out of danger towards the kid
27.pov of the kid as we see a very young eel approach the giant eel the young/baby eel investigates and then turns to the kid and penguin.
28.The realisation hits home for the kid that the eel is protecting her young and that he would condemn her and her child to death if he provided the photos that were taken
29.he takes the polaroid's from the cameras sheath and looks at them they display in crystal clear qulity the giant eel in a progressive attack.
30.Flashback to the kids wall of photos highlight now on the dead sea creatures, fade back to the kids photos he holds for a moment then chooses to discard the photos into the deep.
31.The kid has chosen to take his own path and discards his hero for the realisation of what he does and how violent it is.

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