Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Directing elements

so i have been reading a copy of cinematic storytelling, jennifer van sijll, like the bible recently and it has infused me with various elements which i wish to use within my film.

here is a list of techniques and tech that i wish to emulate in my film:

introduction to characters must be based on ease or discomfort of perception - good character introduced from left to right and and bad vice versa.

depth of field - i want my film to exist on multiple planes i dont want it to appear flat.

focal shift/ rack focus - there are parts in my story where the cameras focus will change midshot to emphasize the action.

scale - the element of the giant eel in comparison to the child and penguin must be infused in the audience but not necessarily straight away.

composition - i wish for my films composition to mean something and as such for each shot to appear to tell a mini story such as a painting.

quick cuts and dissolves

pacing - my film will have a balanced pace with parts that are slow and some wich are fast, so as to keep the audience interested and guessing.

lenses - wide angle and possible telephoto, wide for the establishing shots mainly and then the telephoto for the attacking eel.

close ups - i will use these to escalate the kids fear factor and to show times of decision and thought

POV - these will be important in my film as i will be able to provide the hunter aspect from the eel, such as in jaws, and then to again escalate the fear of the kid as he looks around for the imminent danger.

low angle - there is a shot i have in mind as a low angle shot as it will imply distance and also show the audience that the object has left the characters and must be re-obtained.

shot choices, camera movement--
static shots, tracking shots, circular, push in, pull out

lighting will be key, it will be a mix of warm and cold depending on environment(interior of sub or exterior water). it will also be quite dark and foreboding in some places as well lit only by very small elements of light.

sound effects - the eel will have a distinctive sound, the sonar sound is a plot turner, plus the importance of atmospheric water.

music - i am undecided whether music will be a good idea as it may get in the way of the piece or it could infuse it and make it better, this will be decided through tests in the animatic stage.

these elements are like my personal shopping list and i will be ensuring that a variety of these are used to add spice to my film and as such it wont get stale.

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