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  1. INT. Submarine – Living quarters

The room is full of “nick-nacks” and props, which are necessary for comfortable living, dimly lit by a swinging lamp in the centre of the room but homely.

Track to the right to show table, sofa, and close up of fish on butchers table.

  1. INT. Submarine – Sleeping quarters

This room is below the living quarters and is lit by a series of fairy lights attached to the ceiling. A small puddle on the floor glows with the rainbow of lights. The Back wall is dominated by a hefty iron door, evidently the air lock.

Our hero is asleep in his small wooden bed the blanket slowly

rising and falling with deep breaths.

    Slow push towards the sleeping character.

(quiet beeping can be heard slightly muffled)

  1. INT. Submarine – Control Panel

Control panel with assorted dials, buttons, knobs and displays.

A sonar “pings” as it oscillates but this is not the source of the sound.

The source is from a red bulb that is denoted by a sign that simply states “net full”.

Static shot of the red bulb flashing with the sonar in view.

4.INT. Submarine – Sleeping Quarters

Focus on the iron air lock door closing. We can see the back of the character putting on his diving helmet, seen through the porthole in the door.

push in towards door and fade to black.

(clang and creek)

Title “The Deep” dissolve to next scene.

5.EXT. Submarine

A dark emptiness that is somehow all consuming.


Faint shards of light break through the murky depths and cast columns of wavering warmth into the chill of the deep.

The fish shaped, wood built submarine is carried by the tide,

its red canvas sail billowing in the absent wind.

A thick warm glow converts the reluctant liquid, seeping from the eyes of the Sub.

The trailing net, now full with fish, entices with green lanterns casting light onto the mostly silhouetted Sub.

Long shot-

The kid swims the length of the Sub, from bow to stern.

He presses a button/lever at the rear of the Sub which rotates the tail of the sub which ties the net off.

He notices a lone fish bone float away, down into the void.

6.EXT. Submarine

Mid/Close shot– Character on right of frame.

Both confused and intrigued the kid proceeds out of frame, towards the net.

7.EXT. Net

The Net is full of tightly packed fish, varying in size and colour.

Mid shot(maybe POV)-

Kid parts the fish in the net and investigates the situation.

8.INT. Net

POV – kid

A chubby little penguin has found his way into the net, munching his way through the kids catch.

The penguin has fashioned an oily throne, out of the abundance of fish and has no intention of leaving.

9.EXT. Net

Mid shot

The kid reaches into the net with little success, his catch is too tightly packed. Frustrated he resorts to muffled shouts.


Stop eating my fish

10.EXT. Fish bone

Mid/close Dutch shot – fish bone follow

looking up from the depths of the ocean, rippling light tickles the distant surface. The under belly of the Sub

silhouetted by waves of fading light. The fish bone plays like a leaf in the wind gliding downward slowly as if drawn by an unearthly force.

(cameras focus is always on the bones and follows it down)

The Fish bone gains some momentum and is whisked into a chasm,

a deep scar on the barren sea bed. Moments later bubbles rise and a low rumble can be heard.

11.EXT. Net

Mid shot-

We join the kid shaking the net and flailing wildly when he suddenly stops.

He backs away from the net, face pale no movement just drifts back ever so slightly.

A look of shock and terror etched on his face.

12.INT. Net

Mid/Close shot-

The penguin laughs and blows a victory raspberry in the direction of the kid.

13.EXT. Net

Long shot (static)- rear of kid looking down past net into the Deep.

A huge glowing shape emanates from the black depths, taking

form as it snakes towards the kid.

The Kid, initially frozen ,in shock at the dominating shape gathers his senses and hastily retreats to the airlock at the bow of the Sub.

14.EXT. Submarine

Mid shot-

The Kid struggles with the hatch loosing his strength, his fear is consuming him.

15.EXT. Net/Submarine

The Eel latches onto the net, but the Eel does not stop and continues his course taking up the slack in the rope attached to the Sub.

(shot will show both the net and the Rear of the sub)

16.INT. Helmet – (EXT. Submarine)

Close up Profile of kids face inside His Diving helmet-

A bead of sweat rolls down his face as his hot breath fogs a small patch of glass. Shock turns to determination as he

decides to save both the penguin and his livelihood.

17.EXT. Submarine

Mid right track along sub slow stop with kid

The Kid swims alongside the Sub and reaches his harpoon gun which is mounted to the side. The gun is rusted and laden with barnacles, aged and disused the harpoon is a long shot but its his only opportunity.

18.EXT. Submarine

Long shot of submarine and Conga eel

We are able to see the size of the Eel for the first time, the massive beast hauling the Sub through the big blue.

Orange light glows from patches on the snaking body, whilst the scales on the upper part of its body are bathed in the crumbling columns of daylight fighting to reach the Deep.

19.EXT. Submarine

Mid shot- character on right of frame looking left now.

The Eel has rotated the sub, which is now being dragged backwards through the water.

The Kid has one foot locked in place on one of the hooks on the hull of the Sub. He moves with the water feeling the motions of the Sub the Eel and the current.

Lining his shot.

20.EXT. Submarine

Close up- kids face (possibly inside helmet again)

One eye shut the moment of truth.

Complete Focus. Shallow breathing.

21.EXT. Submarine

Close up-

finger on trigger 1 second pause,wavering...

Squeeze (swoosh) the harpoon sails through the water.

22.EXT. Submarine

Close up-

The rope is severed by the harpoon.

23.EXT. Eel

Long Shot-

The net unfolds and wraps around the head of the Eel, the net is caught in the multitude of teeth that the Eel has at its disposal. Thrashing wildly trying to dislodge the net and continuing at some speed the Eel collides with a rock wall.

Trapping the head and foremost part of its body in a sharp rut in the rock. Fish from the net lazily float in the aftermath too numb to the situation at hand.

24.EXT. Submarine

Mid shot-

The Sub hangs Limply in the water a small distance from our characters.

The Penguin cowers behind the Kid, shaking with the thought of the preceding events.

A look of exhaustion mixed with slight triumph melts into anger as the kid turns to face the penguin.

25.EXT. Submarine


Penguin unleashes the puppy dog eyes and a solitary tear rolls down his cheek. Until a brain numbed fish floats into shot.

The penguin quickly snatched the fish from the water. Beaming

he presents it to the kid as an offering of friendship.

26.INT. Helmet

Close up profile facing right – kid

a smile creeps across his face which then turns into a raspberry, and then into convulsive laughter.

Fade to Black

The End

Credits roll over a few stills of the kid and the penguin.

Polaroid stills flicking over each other.

Showing their progressive friendship.

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