Wednesday, 24 November 2010

dave bull and Mr mike

i presented the idea for script 03 to dave bull, a rather mixed script as i had more ideas whilst pitching. the idea was liked and enjoyed but the same elements arose, the script lacked an ending and the idea of pain was a definite no.

he suggested many go around's and also elements to provide greater character depth.
such as an introduction of the kid stealing the submarine from his father to help his fathers sight seeing business, the kid goes to locate the mythical eel.
i personally believe this would extend the film way beyond a workable time scale.

there is also the ending suggestions
- the boy gets his picture becomes rich and famous
- the boy doesn't get the picture- boring
- the boy gets the picture but then decides not to keep it.

i liked the idea of the final ending and will push this idea, the eel is not the beast it is claimed to be.

the element of the harpoon gun should be used as a symbol and not as a weapon...

after speaking to mike he too really enjoyed the idea of the eel not being the monster its claimed to be and that by the kid not keeping the photos he would save the beast.
but mike suggested the introduction of another antagonist character to attack the eel and for the kid to somehow save the eel- i believe this is impractical as it introduces a new character to the story.

over all great feedback that is all taken on board and will help to make my film great.

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