Thursday, 16 June 2011

another all night render binge

so it is now the day before hand in and we still have at least 10 shots to render and about 30 shots to composite. ben and i have decided to stay late again which is great as we seem to have a gd working relationship and we are able to easily keep track of whats going on. the only downside is that all of the shots that need setting up have to be done by me in order to get the right lighting and to ensure everything is how it should be. ben will be compositing some shots that he has completed which will speed up the edit later on. i must say i am extremely happy with the level of commitment shown by most of the team there are however two members, Carlos and Fahran, who would be extremely uselful in this tight space of time. i have asked on a couple of occasions if they could come into college and help with the rendering but they are insistent that they wish to work at home. i cannot let them do this as i need to be able to give advice on the lighting and coach them on how to set up the scene properly for rendering to keep in touch with the films continuity. i have recieved no replies from my messages for help. apart from this the rest of the team is flawless. i do understand however that towards the end of hand in every moment is precious and some people need a lot of time to commit themselves to their personal submissions, it is this reason that i have not pushed carlos and fahran to come into college as i do not want to hinder their submissions. but i am now very tired and very hungry...

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