Wednesday, 15 June 2011

working 24hours

so ben mel and i have agreed to do an "all nighter" to get a bulk of rendering done. good idea but the room was mega hot and we needed to take frequent breaks. we had also rented 2 laptops from the college stores to help with the work load. right so the college laptops worked after a fashion but they just werent powerful enough to render efficiently so we stopped using them after the 1 render submitted took most of the night. the college computers on the other hand worked well and we were able to max out our log on capacity of 7 computers. some renders took very very long to complete. running at around 8 mins a frame i feel this is impracticle. so ben and i worked till 5 am and got a few hours sleep whilst mel left at 4am after completing her compositing for the day. in the morning i returned the laptops and retrieved the completed renders then set about rendering the next lot.

ben turned 22 on this shift and we agreed it would be sensible to leave college at 5pm to refuel and get some rest ready for thursday another possible all nighter.

the chart shown is representative of shot completion as of 5pm , when we left college. as you can see a few shots have gone backwards as the renders produced, when passed over to the compositor had failed to render anything or needed re-rendering. a pain in the backside but at least it is easy to keep track of those shots with this chart.

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