Wednesday, 15 June 2011

keiths light set and cleaning the files

so keiths light set is great but it can create complications in the form of light linking. when it was first set up the light rig was linked to models in that scene, as it was then exported to another cave file it lost the linking information and as such creates a very flat and nearly uncontrollable. i attempted with keith to relink some of the objects but this became very time consuming and near impossible to know what objects you were linking. so i tried to introduce my own lights which were having mixed results within the scene,.....

then we went to lunch and discussed the situation. the result of the conversation that i thought if we isolated each one of keiths lights on their own display layer then i could illuminate one by one and see exactly what each light was doing. after doing some rigorous testing for a around an hour i managed to find a happy solution which involved switching only 4 of keiths lights on and then introduce some of my own lights to light the shot. the 4 lights that i have chosen produce a nice contrast between light and dark and keep the nice bluey/purple tones in the cave. i also introduced some shadows onto the characters aswell to add some depth to the scene. so the lights i added were mainly area lights in order to provided some focused colourful light. i believe that using the light rig in this way is very efficient and provides continuity and freedom to develop the style of the film.

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