Wednesday, 15 June 2011

beginning to get a bit messy

so nearing the end of the project and renders are floating around all over the place. not to mention the very time consuming practice of setting up the shots to render. the animated file must be cleaned up, so that only the characters are present and that all of the textures, shaders and lights have been deleted from the scene. display layers must be compressed to the essential and render layers must be deleted back to the master layer. thus creating a clean file. the animation is then imported into the master cave scene that Fahran and Keith have set up. Fahran created all the shaders that would be used, so it is a case of reassigning shaders to the characters. keith created a pretty expansive lighting rig that can be used in a multitude of ways. niccceeee. once all the textures are attached then the render characters must be added to the specific render layers and then checked. as keiths lighting set is an overall lighting for the environment each shot will be tweaked to ensure the characters and set are both lit in a dramatic way but stay true to the films continuity.

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