Wednesday, 15 June 2011

the next problem

its come to our attention whilst setting up a batch of scenes that the eel was not rigged with the colour changing glow spheres that are an important part of the storytelling within the film. the colour change is there to denote the eels mood and as such add another level of depth to the film. it came to our attention when i asked fahran to give me a demo on how to animate the colour change, to his horror he could not find the glow spheres thena fter some searching we discovered that they had not been applied to the rig. after a short phone call to clym the answer was to retrieve the spheres from an older file and use the create deformer - wrap tool to individually attach each sphere to the mesh. this simple fix is rather time consuming though as each animated shot with the eel needs this to happen and as such is another request for the individual setting up the render file, me ben keith or fahran.

after this it is a simple task of keying the glow attribute and the colour attribute on the shader.

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