Wednesday, 27 October 2010

meeting 1

met up with the clan: alex c, chris c, ben, kofi, fahran, clym and tom
at some park in london. i think it was hyde park

we discussed our current ideas and what ones we thought would be best for the individuals to focus on. we also tried to give suggestions to all the ideas presented.

tom had produced 2 notably good ideas one about an egg hatching up in a tree and another about a pram rolling down the hills of san francisco with a guy in pursuit. both are strong animation pieces but need development in the story telling.

ben has the beginnings of a ninja academy which also sounds promising.

fahran is gunna do something with sock puppets?

my ideas seemed to go down well with the sky story coming out on top at the moment although personally i see the story being too long and possibly too disjointed, but we shall see.

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