Wednesday, 27 October 2010

sky revisit 3

- same intro as original....
- fly up to the top of the freighter in chase of the bird when the companion falls into the freighter.
- lead decides to stop following the legendary bird and find his companion.
- ship is dark and reminiscent of ALIEN.
*skeleton crew of 4 people on a huge ship.
- spooky - creeping along corridors with weird noises made by the ship * bird screeches*
- continues through the corridors to find his companion frozen in shock.
- lead runs forward to greet his friend when he realises what he was shocked by.
- the ship is powered by the aura of a legendary bird, draining his life force.
- they disconnect the bird which in turn causes the power to drain from the ship.
- they flea to their vehicle on top of the freighter, which is now falling from the sky, the bird is now reunited with his family hence the presence of the other legendary bird to begin with.

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