Tuesday, 26 October 2010


- a black and white world- sparse virtually nothing around.
- we find ourselves with a male (young) character on his hover bike steaming through the vast emptiness until he notices a female character on her own on a bench!
- male skids to a stop in a cloud of smoke, and as such first encounters begin.
- the awkward shuffling along the bench towards each other male more interested than the female.
- a black storm cloud is on the horizon and gaining turning the world to black.
- they both get on the hover bike, female rather reluctant at first, then the chase ensues with the cloud wiping out the light from the environment.
- they speed along dodging rocks and trees but then the boy turns to view the cloud which is steadily upon them, in doing so he hits a small bump which causes both characters to be thrown from the hover bike.
- they are separated at first but they run to each other embracing just as the cloud envelops them.
- as they are enveloped their embrace causes a bright white light and the storm dissipates in the wake of their emotions.
- the characters are left standing in their bright occlusion landscape.

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