Tuesday, 26 October 2010

i am robot

so this idea is of an inventor, tony stark style, who is working on a new project but the old project is getting jealous and keeps interrupting him and trying to get his attention, very disruptive yet very playful

- revisit...
- inventor is working on a new project at his desk whilst an old project gets jealous.
- old project keeps trying to get his attention but the inventor is too focussed on his new one.
- robot repeatedly hits the inventor and causes chaos but that just gets the robot banished to tidying up.
- whilst tidying the robot finds the key part that will make the new invention work.
- he is about to throw it away when he sees a photo of him and the inventor together years ago.
- this causes the robot to produce the part to the inventor.
- new invention built.... it winds in to motion and....... lets out a wail and then falls apart.
- inventor turns back to the robot realises what he has already smiles, sighs and grabs a beer with his robot pal.

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