Wednesday, 27 October 2010

meeting 2

so the clan met again minus clym and fahran as they have now decided to go solo.

we met at the O2 to scout the new college and also to discuss the ideas again.

so this time chris had a finished idea to present along with his script which i am very impressed with, it has a very mature feel and is quite an accomplishment.

toms ideas were still progressing but he was undecided over which ones to pick.

after progressing the fishy idea/story it went down a storm and we decided that this should be my area to focus on, although it was apparent that doing the story above and below water was too much and that creating believable animated water on the surface would be too difficult. we came to a conclusion that my film would work best underwater as it would be easier to represent and would shorten my ever growing story line -- possibly cutting the 4-5 min film to 3

this was great for me as i now imagine a submarine instead of a boat and a cool diving suit :D

i spoke to alex about his idea aswell which was still in its infancy but sounds equally promising.

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