Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Fishy (now The Deep)

opening creds/ title
- interior shots of the submarine (4/6)
- no character shots all objects and photos - characters backstory
- titles end with a flashing light - full load - and the door closing
- long shot to show the entire sub and the boy swimming to the net.
(fishbones can be seen floating down into the deep)
- kid gathers the net and the notices the fishbones
- investigates by parting fish in the net.
- discovers a baby penguin eating his catch
*cut to floating fishbone looking back toward the silhouette of the sub*
- kid gestures to the penguin to vacate the net, pingu stays put.
- kid jams his arm in to the net to grab the penguin but cannot reach him.
*cut back to the fishbone falling into a dark cave, bubbles appear with a creeping sound*
- kid is looking inside to see the penguin poking his tongue out at boy.
- kid is at a loss and pulls back from the net- a dark shadow is appearing in the distance / from the deep

- kid retreats in fear to the front of the sub back to the airlock
- penguin believes he has won so continues his dinner/smugly
- kid panics and tries to open hatch
- eel grabs enormous fish ball in his mouth and begins to swim
- penguin shaken clears some fish to see what the matter is. he is now staring down the throat of the eel
- kid now feeling sorry for the penguin grabs his harpoon gun from the side of the sub
- shoots at the rope attached to the sub and the net opens, freeing penguin and wrapping the net around the head of the eel.
- eel collides with a rock wall and gets stuck in a hole - tail flailing wildly

- kid turns to the penguin who is now hiding behind him, shaking and scared(kid angry face)
- penguin looks up all puppy eyed and grabs a close by fish then beams wildly and offers the fish to the kid

closing creds
- interior of the two eating cooked fish
- dark shape swims past porthole.

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