Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Sky revisit

- nice open expanses, big wide shots.
- medium to long shots.
Lead character -----
- his name will have something to do with air, wind, sky, birds.
- 18 year old bird catcher
- has a pet spider monkey.
- father is sick and bed ridden.
- catches birds to sell at market
- he has inherited his fathers hand made flying machine.
- fear of new technologies.
- ambitious, entrepreneur
- has a passion for the natural and especially the sky.
- still finding himself.
- wants to leave home and explore but is tied into looking after his father.
- his mother died when he was young she was crushed by a steam powered car that crashed into a wall.

The world-------
-lush green field and mountains with a small town near to the coast, but not on the coast.
-the worlds technologies are expanding in the realm of airships as freighters, but not as transport. freighters are smoky beasts of the sky polluting the world.
- world is full of bright animals.
- hunters are still key along with farming being the key to the towns survival.

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