Wednesday, 27 October 2010

fishy story

continued from previous

- kid is annoyed at the penguin for stealing his fish so he dives in and gives chase.(wearing a glass bowl thing as a helmet)
- chase through very very dimly lit caves (ice)
- each shot sees the penguin vanish at the edge of the screen and kid follows. long and medium shots.
-come to a lit bit of tunnel the kid hides behind a rock to see the penguin make an offering to a giant angler fish or conga eel/ basilisk
- penguin offers the fish basket and as he does so the eel lurches forward eating the basket whole.

- kid leans in closer and knocks a loose rock
- both penguin and eel look towards his position squeaks/squeals(subs *run*) eel sharpens his gaze and ruffles his scales.
- kid is frozen so penguin swims over and grabs him just in time for the eel to miss a close lunge

- penguin and kid swim back through the caves lit only by the boys lamp
- followed by the eel emitting bio luminescence along its flanks - star wars ep 1 ref.
- swimming towards the cave mouth near misses from the eel
- cave entrance -- need to seal the cave but how?

1. penguin swims in front faster followed by the kid and they push a boulder to cause rocks to fall trapping the eel
3. eel escapes and breeches epic style out of the ocean.

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