Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Love/Fear the story

- girl is playing tea party with teddy who is alive and moving.
- enjoying the surroundings, giggling and laughing.
- a black crow comes and lands at their party
- the girl reaches for teddy as it jumps towards her.
- as the crow lands it transforms into a figure.
- the figure reaches forwards towards teddy.
- the girl leans forward and screams in the figures face.
- the figure screams back.
- thus the girl and teddy equally terrified run away from the figuree.
- the figure gives chase

- the figure punches the ground - his fist passes through the ground and re-appears in ffront of the girl.
- he grabs hold of her leg causing her to fall and drop teddy.
- the figure runs over and picks up teddy, turns around and sits down .
- the figure proceeds to stroke the teddy with one long finger.
* smack a tea cup bounces off of the figures head.
- the girl is annoyed and wants teddy back.
- figure lets out a short sharp screech and runs away.

- the girl is in pursuit of teddy, running as fast as she can.
- the figure comes to a low wall, beyond is nothing.
- the figure turns back to see the girl gaining and close.
- the figure jumps off of the wall and turns back into a crow, larger this time though.
- the girl is shocked and cries as she runs but doesn't stop.
- she bolts off the wall and flies through the air.
- she manages to grab hold of teddies leg
- this causes the figure to release teddy

- the girl is reunited with teddy and curls into a ball with him
- they fall through white space
- the figure calls out and flies down but is too slow
- the girl falls and smiles knowing that she is with her teddy

- they hit the ground and explode into a cloud of glittering dust shimmering in the light.
- scene fades to reveal the girl is asleep in her cot.
- she lies in the same position as she fell, clasping her teddy
- smiling a tear rolls down her cheek and onto her pillow.

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