Wednesday, 27 October 2010

sky revisit 4

- twist on the very original story featuring the behemoth not the freighter

- when they reach the behemoth the lead plunges his dagger into its head.
- the beast turns its head and laughs then takes the lead for a ride!
- shocked that he is not phased the lead holds on for life.
- after being flung around for a while he manages to connect a rope to his dagger and digs his heels in to steer the beast -- how to train ur dragon ref.
- he directs it at first away from a cliff wall but the beast clips its wing causing it to fall.
- the lead seizes his opportunity to steer the beast away from the cliff then around head first.
- the beast smacks straight into it and plummets.
- the beast hits the ground dead.
- slowly followed by a parachuting lead.
- front newspaper spread to finish.

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