Wednesday, 18 May 2011

the e-mail

i was sent this e-mail by clym as he replied to a tutor. he added all of the members of my team aswell.

in plain im not happy. this e-mail i can only regard as a personal attack and as such will not reply, the most worrying thing is the fact that he has added all of my team, by doing this he could directly effect the morale of my team and dissent could be inevitable. there are some points i can agree with but most of it is exageration. the only good thing that can come of this is me personally becoming hardened to criticism. i will consult my group as a whole and discuss this e-mail to discover if feelings are mutual and if they are then i shall work to improve upon them.

but all in all i was disappointed by this message.

[Hi Mike,
Since your previous email I have been in contact with Sophie, Depa, Tom and Kofi regarding rigging for their projects. We discussed communication and they have stated they are completely happy with the level between myself and them regarding my role and the completion of tasks.

I would agree with aranging a group leader discussion however I do not feel it is entirely necessary and would just prolong tasks longer.

I do, however feel, that there is an issue with the project leader of The Deep - Andy. I feel that the level of pressure and anxiety is building up on him, especially due to lack of knowledge of the subject area and processes as mentioned before - which I agree is a learning process however this doesn't mean it is an excuse for poor managing. I personally feel a lack of positivity towards getting tasks done and a sense of constant changes regarding the look, feel and story of the project has caused the whole group to feel lost and unsure. As a group we have definately sent updates and keeping him informed but likewise we too must be informed of what he is doing and how that is coming along which I have to say is far and few between.

I personally feel a lack of encouragement towards the work i have either solely done or contributed to, from Andy and I know that there is a general feeling of this from other group members. He also presumes that we are working soley on his project alone and that there will be "fresh" results every week, when he himself has not produced anything that excites nor stirs us forward. I know for myself I am definately not committed to just this project, and he presumes that I am, that his project is the "most important" of everyones.

I know that a few other members definately feel that he a) constantly changes things b) is not aware of the production process c) presumes much without communicating via email, and this is why I have attached the group members themselves to this message so they can add anything they feel comfortable to.

I hope this answers a few more questions and hope to hear from you soon]

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