Wednesday, 18 May 2011

week 2

so after week 1 and went and spent ages setting up the project folders for everyone to access their animation scenes from. it toook a long time but it was 100% necessary to provide clarity and continuity to the animation.

keith is still refining the town and it is looking great. and people are producing some great work
emma has pretty much finished shot 07 and has blocked out 08 i have given shot 10 to keith as he needs some animation to do ben has produced a nicely paced distant swim for 10 and 11 fahran has produced some animation for hots 4 and 5.
so all in progress.

problems it has come to light that the seagull that i have created and rigged in 2011 is not at all compatible with previous versions of maya. the rig is distorted and destroyed. i am using 2011 but the rest of my team are using 2010 as they argue that 2011 is broken and inferior to 2010. so to stop all the hassle and keep the project moving the seagull has been cut with the intent of adding him back in if we have time. dam u maya

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