Wednesday, 18 May 2011

so resolution

i went to college the day after the email was sent and continued work as normal arranging for a group meet on monday,, today being a tuesday.

i was approached by my tutor Dan to discuss the e-mails that clym had been sending around the tutors. we first discussed when problems had arisen , which was at the time when the character had become confused between clym and fahran.

Dan then asked why i hadnt approached him about the confusion and i simpply stated that i didnt think it was a big problem back then.

it was only with the e-mail that i realised what situation we were in.
we then broke down clyms e-mail and took points from it where clym had criticised me, it was apparent from our discussion that most of the points were vague and inaccurate the main issue that arose was keeping people constantly informed. communicating with a large group is tricky but that is the area i need to work on.

so the main points were as such:

level of pressure and anxiety - we discussed that it is acceptable to be stressed when in charge of such a large project.

lack of knowledge of the subject area - it is unclear what subject area he is stating but we decided that my role as director is to ensure the narative is good and that the reason for employing students with specific knowledge base is to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge that i dont. it is unfair to assume that the directors should know how to do absolutely everything.

Lack of positivity to getting tasks done - it was noted here that i should be more encouraging and compliment people more for the hard work that they have put in.

constant changes to the look and feel of the film - the film has changed in feel but it hasnt changed in look or style that has remained constant throughout.

changes to the story - as director i have complete freedom to change the story as and when i wish as long as i am not hindering peoples performance or work. i must ensure that if i change the story it will still utilise characters and set pieces that people have made so as not to waste their work. this was ever present in my mind anyway the penguin that was cut was cut in the design stage so no modelling was lost nothing has been cut that people have already produced. plus i must get the best story i can.

updating my group - it was raised that the group had not seen enough of my work to notify him of my input to the project. this was noted but at the same time a lot of time is devoted to reviewing the work of people that turn up to college and then assigning tasks to them. but i will be better with producing updates.

that my project is the most important- it is to me and that is fair enough i guess.

these were the main overiding points and there are a few in there which i can work on to make me a better director and group leader. my next step is to arrange a meeting with clym to discuss the e-mail and get both our points of view out into the open. i will then have a group discussion to highlight key points raised i will then assess the project and our status.

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