Friday, 20 May 2011


so we are deleting all of the elements from my animation that do not need to be there such as the town that is there for reference and shaders and such. in otherwords we are cleaning the scene before we import it to try and avoid unnecessary junk in the scene.

so the kid imports successfully yay but we now have the task of reassigning textures to the kid. we began with fahran and started reassigning the textures, in doing so we discovered that several nodes and shaders had either dissappeared or had been corrupted so fahran kindly redid the shaders in the morning.

this then lead to the thought of having to create a new shader network for everyshot that included the kid. fahran discovered a tool called export shader network this enables us to create a set of shaders for the kid that retain the texture information and in an empty scene we can simply import this shader network scene and it attaches itself to the character. this is extremely useful and will hopefully speed up production when it comes to rendering.

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