Friday, 20 May 2011

tuesday blooming tuesday

so big 'ol meeting with dan and the whole cohort to find out all that we have to submit and how, twas very useful but highlights the fact i need to do more.

on the other i hand i was able to collect the rendered frames of shot 1, unfortunately there were some irreparable problems that has resulted in a re-render.
the mountain range and sky were not rendered seperately to the town so they mountains and sky would not be editable in the composite. the occlusion included the skyplane which means the sky when composited would be plain white. so the only way to work around this would be to rotoscope out the entire sky and then seperate that way. the main reason tht i want these layers seperate is that the mountain range was not colour matched completely so it needed editing in post.

so to save time i offered to take half the file to render myself and keith would do the other half.

when i got home to my computer and opened the file i realised there was a lot more wrong with the scene. there were floating buildings that casted unwanted light, floating objects, but more importantly where i had asked keith to reduce the poly count in the scene he had deleted unseen faces. evidently unaware of the cameras view there were huge parts of the scene where u could see straight through buildings or that a building had been cut in half. annoyingly i contacted keith and informed him to stop rendering while i re-arrange and fix the scene.

i had about 2 hours to fix the scene and get a render running whilst i went to work. keith did offer to help fix the scene but instead of adding another layer of confusion i decided to do it myself.

so i managed to fix buildings textures and models then set a render to run. planning for a long night ahead to get the shot done.

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