Wednesday, 18 May 2011

time and cuts

so after assessing that we were roughly 3 weeks behind schedule i had decided to cut the kraken from the film as it was still not textured or rigged. i estimate that if we were to include the kraken it would take a further 4 weeks to complete due to its level of complexity and the amount of research i would have to do to make the rig. so the film would in effect be cut in half the relationship between the eel and the boy is reduced to predator and prey and the story is more slapstick and "animationy".

i approached my team with this idea and it went down extremely well by producing this alternate story we reduce the shot count from 60 to 40 and we lose the hassle of animating the 5 armed kraken. mel in particular was extremly relieved to not be animating the Kraken.

so decisions made the kraken was cut.

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