Friday, 20 May 2011

shot progression list

so this list is my way of keeping track of our progress it is very similar to the layout of shotgun from term2 but i have total control over this now and it only shows what i want.

so it has the scene number with shots in the scene.
each shot has its number relevant to the scene and also how it appears on the storyboard.

there is the initial of the member who is animating the shot.
A= andrew(me)
B= ben
C= carlos
E= emma
F= fahran
K= keith
M= mel

then in the relelvant columns such as animation the "y" stands for yes or completed.

there is also a line called "in folder" which is for me to see which shots are set up and ready to be rendered out. this is important as i can prioritize my rendering.

there is also a playblast column this one is important as i am editing the playblasts together to give to our sound guys so they have the timing to work with without having to wait for final renders.

i am intending on giving the sound guys a finished playblast scene at a time so they can produce a completed soundtrack for that scene.

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