Wednesday, 18 May 2011

a heck load of confusion

so i have been very frustrated lately with the progress of the kid it has now taken 3 weeks and the progress is slow and garbled. i assigned the job to fahran and clym is taking it upon himself to complete tasks. lack of communication between us as a trio has meant that work that fahran has done, blend shapes, was done on a character that was the wrong scale so the blend shapes need re-doing. miscommunication is the key here but i just feel confused and let down. so much so i actually shouted at clym for his extremely relaxed approach to college, he didnt bring his laptop in to work on and joked about not having anything to do. i should not have snapped but i felt that if i hadnt said anything matters would have continued to pee role along.

so whats the status. the kid is not finished and i dont know who is doing what.

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