Wednesday, 18 May 2011

the master plan

the kid is finished and i am now consolidating all of the assets so they are workable upon return to college after the easter break.

so i have set up a scene that contains all of the characters and the environment is being laid out by keith. i have the intention of simply importing the characters to the environment scenes.

my intention is to set up a project for each scene in the film , so 6 projects in total. within those projects the individual shots will be saved as scene files and will have the characters in their starting locations with a camera set up for the desired rendering view. there will be no textures in these projects so as to keep the projects low in size for transfer. the animators will work with the un textured models then delete all everything apart from the character so it can then be imported to the environment scene and textures can be re-assigned to the character. this will hopefully eliminate the need to re-assign the textures to the entire environment each time. this is an issue we have all had over the last 3 years of using maya.

ok so project Scene_01 will have 5 scene files, shot_01 through to shot_05.

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