Friday, 20 May 2011

long night

soooooooo, i came home from work to find the render was useless. it had rendered all that i asked but only the first frame was textured all subsequent frames lost their textures.

so i ran a test render to see if i had done something wrong...nop didnt work.

i then alterered the frame padding and numbering as my frames are rendering from -140 i thought it could have been a computing error due to the minus numbers. nooo didnt help.

i looked into reducing the render size as we are rendering 1280x533.... no

i removed final gather from the render luck.

i began to research online and found that if u were using an ocean shader in 2011 from a previous version of maya that could cause trouble so i deleted it and no result.
then i came across a tab in the render settings that was advised when using an ocean shader to stop crashes. something to do with using mayas base shaders. no did not work.

by this point i had reset my preferences in case a bug had found its way into my program no avail.

i uninstalled maya and re-installed but still no luck.

after more hunting and more testing i came across the hotfix 3 for maya and the mental ray stand alone renderer. so i downloaded and had to then un install and re-install maya again.

no louck still. so i installed maya on a different computer and attempted the render only to have the same problems. now maya was crashing the mental ray render after the first frame causing hours of acheing in my head.

although i persisted and attempted to reload the very original scene that keith had given to me, but this did not work so i tried a ball moving in an empty scene rendered fine in maya software and just as fine in mental ray.

it is now around 3:30 am and im losing the will to live. so i decide to call it a night and tackle the problem in the morning, dissappointed that i could not render the scene.

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