Friday, 20 May 2011

week 3

so had some more meetings today and discussed progress with the group which has now come along leaps and bounds we are scheduled to have 17 shots finished by the end of the week at present we have roughly 7 with most of the others being blocked out.

everyone is putting in a lot of work and its really showing :D.

so for me i have animated shots 16 and 18 this week and here they are. with my personal animating i am planning on sticking to my schedule so i can get the bulk done and out of the way, then if we have excess time at the end we can re-render the shots with better animation but at present i doubt we will have time for this, fingers crossed.

im really happy with the animation i am producing as i would say that animation is my weakest skill. shot 16 has some particularly nice pace and weight to it and im happy with the way the character appears to be moving through the water.

shot 17 is good as well but lacks the anticipation, part of this could be due to the very restrictive blendshapes but i have to make do with this.

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