Wednesday, 18 May 2011

meeting with ben

i met with ben a week before we are due back at college, easter break, and we broke down all of the shots and how long each one would take and who should animate it . this was a great move as it put the whole project in perspective and enabled me to prioritize the animation.

so according to my schedule

shot 1 and 2 will be animated by me.
shot 3 will be Mel
shot 4 and 5 will be Fahran.

scene 02

shot 7 and 8 will be Emma
shot 9 and 11 will be Ben
shot 10 will be me

this is 1 weeks work and will be the basis of a weeks workflow rota.

members get 1 week to animate the shots assigned then the shots are collected on the friday sent to the render farm over the weekend and then the frames are collected on the monday. the animators will be assigned their new shots on the monday and the rendered frames will be composited that week. this will create a rolling animation and rendering pipeline that will increase productivity.

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